Harold Grinspoon Foundation

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) was established in 1993 to strongly support the local Jewish community of western Massachusetts.

In addition to incentive grants to individuals for Jewish overnight summer camp and Jewish day school, HGF has stimulated local Jewish life in a variety of ways, including the support of:

  • Jewish Day Schools--HGF provides substantial funding for operating costs to five local Jewish day schools. It also helps the schools launch endowment and capital campaigns through challenge grants and development consulting support.

  • Jewish Educators--Support for Jewish educators comes through the Resource Center for Jewish Education with networking opportunities, funds for professional training and teaching materials, and acknowledgement of outstanding local Jewish educators through the Harold Grinspoon Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education

  • Teen & Family Education--HGF supports local synagogues and other Jewish institutions in their teen and family education initiatives.

  • Arts & Culture--By working with local Jewish institutions, colleges, artists, volunteer organizers, and others in the region, HGF is investing in arts and culture programming, helping to develop inclusive and high-quality community outreach events.

  • Access Grants--HGF provides grants to individuals in order to make various experiences financially accessible. These experiences include youth group activities, Jewish overnight summer camp, Jewish preschool, Jewish day school, and trips to Israel

  • Local JCC--HGF has contributed a $1.5 million challenge grant to the local Jewish Community Center's endowment campaign.

  • Unsung Heroes Award--This recognition program celebrates outstanding professional and volunteer contributors to Jewish life.

  • Jewish Federations of Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires--HGF proudly partners with the Jewish Federations of Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires on a variety of initiatives.

Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation

The Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation (HGCF) was established in 1986 by Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman to provide philanthropic support primarily (although not exclusively) in Western Massachusetts, where Harold and Diane make their home.

Inspired by his own experience, and spurred to action by the economic needs of his community, Harold Grinspoon has in recent years been involved in philanthropic initiatives in the following areas:

  • Rewarding excellence in teaching

  • Encouraging young people to reach their academic and leadership potential

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship among college students

  • Promoting literacy and early childhood education

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