Entrepreneurship Conference

The mission of the Entrepreneurship Initiative is to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts by fostering an educational environment among participating colleges and universities that informs, supports, and inspires students, and by recognizing and awarding students who display entrepreneurial spirit.

The Grinspoon, Garvey & Young Entrepreneurship Conference is attended each fall by 500 students from all 14 colleges and universities in the Grinspoon Entrepreneurship network. 

At the Conference:
  • Grinspoon faculty advisors conduct interactive sessions.
  • A keynote speaker tells their entrepreneurial story.
  • Grinspoon Alumni exhibit their businesses.
  • Students, mentors from Valley Venture Mentors, and business leaders network together during sessions and at lunch.

2018 Conference

Friday, November 2
MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA

2018 Keynote Speaker


  • Marc Gammell

Marc Gammell

Co-Founder and CEO, Treaty Biotech


Marc believes the most brilliant systems and designs are locked in the DNA of life on Earth. At UMass, he studied Sustainable Enterprise & Biotechnology, and had the opportunity to work in cutting-edge labs in the biotech sector, working on projects from artificial intelligence to genetic engineering. His work in these labs gave him some wild ideas, and one of his particularly crazy ideas led him to Yinyong Li at the 2015 UMass Innovation Challenge. Li invented a plant-based anti-fog solution called FogKicker, and together Gammell, Li, and Li’s professor Ken Carter founded Treaty Biotech to develop a complete line of FogKicker products (www.fogkickerdefog.com), and to continue developing new products and technology with advanced biomaterials. Marc's dream is to become a leader in the field of biologically inspired design, demonstrating the value of biology as a source of innovation. And hopefully along the way, spark creation of amazing new products and technology that change the world.

Marc received the 2018 Grinspoon, Garvey & Young Alumni Award, was a finalist in the 2016 Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator Competition, is active in the UMass entrepreneurship community and a is a 2016 alum.

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