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Update 2020

Our goal is to continue to bring together leaders in the community who want to join us invest in our local farms.  Here is a letter from Harold Grinspoon conveying why he began this initiative:
For over a decade, I’ve bought all my summer produce from a farm cooperative or CSA – but it was only within the past few years that I became aware of the many needs of local farmers.  Wanting to do something and provide financial support, I decided in 2015 to give $75,000 to fund the Local Farmer Awards.  I couldn’t have predicted the response. In 7 years, we have received almost 1000 applications for these awards.  Amazing.  Farmers are independent people who are disinclined to seek help, so their response to these awards is telling of how great their needs are.

What have these awards accomplished? The farmers have all made infrastructure improvements, whether that meant purchasing a new piece of equipment to improve a harvesting process or repairing a fence to keep their livestock protected.  The farmers have told us that these awards accelerate and ensure completion of these much-needed improvements.  These improvements are good for all of us, leading to more local, healthy food on our tables and strengthening our local farmers’ ability to compete in the marketplace.

This year we had 170 applications and were able to fund 81.  If you do the math you realize that 89 of the applications could not be addressed.  So why am I writing to you?  I am asking you, as someone who truly cares about our community, to join the funding team for the Local Farmer Awards. You will be in good company, joining our partner Big Y and our funders Ann & Steve Davis, DeNucci Group at Merrill Lynch, Farm Credit East, HP Hood LLC, PeoplesBank, Audrey & Chick Taylor, Baystate Health, Country Bank and others..

I hope you’ll consider joining us. Please know that 100% of your contribution will have a direct impact on our local farms. And there are a lot of farms -- nearly 800 farms in our region which have sales of over $10,000 (the amount required for a Local Farmer Award). If you are interested in joining our team of funders, contact our Farm Award Program Director Cari Carpenter at or 413-276-0755.  
Please consider expanding your investments in our community to include our farmers whom we all too often take for granted. Thank you.

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