Featuring an HGF or HGCF program on your website, in an email, in a press release, or in a brochure? Download our logos below.

We are pleased to allow our partners and affiliated organizations to use the Harold Grinspoon Foundation logo for permitted uses. As a partner or affiliated organization, you are authorized to use the logo exclusively for communications connected to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

For logo usage and brand colors, please refer to our logo specifications.

HGF Logo Downloads

HGCF Program Logos and Usage Guidelines

Partners of our Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation (HGCF) programs may use the program logos for permitted use, exclusively for communications connected to the appropriate HGCF program.

Download the HGCF logos below:

The wordmarks and the logo marks (™) relate to all aspects of HGCF programs, including educational services, charitable services, grants, printed products, electronic communications, brochures, and other materials providing information about and relating to the programs.

Partners are authorized to use the word marks and logo marks exclusively for approved communications. We reserve the right to approve all uses of our program names and logos.

Brand Guide and Usage Rules

  1. Capitalization -- Be sure to use the correct capitalization in all program wordmarks. For example, in the word mark, "ener-G-save," capitalize only the "G"; the word mark appears as follows: ener-G-save.
  2. Trademark Symbol -- Include the trademark symbol ™ with the word mark the first time a program name is mentioned in a communication. If, however, the logo is used at the top of a communication, the word mark need not contain the trademark symbol in the body of the text. Thereafter, the word mark may appear without the trademark symbol in the same document.
  3. Acknowledgement -- Any documents containing an HGCF program name must provide the following acknowledgement:
"<Program Name>" is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation. All rights reserved.

If you have questions about logo use or cobranding, please contact us.