JCamp 180™

JCamp 180 seeks to sustain and strengthen nonprofit Jewish camps by providing free professional consulting services and grant-matching opportunities.

JCamp 180 enhances the long-term effectiveness of Jewish nonprofit overnight and day camps throughout North America. JCamp 180 serves this mission by providing consulting services in the focus areas of board development, strategic planning, governance, fundraising, and outreach technology to the volunteer governing boards of affiliated camps. These services, along with matching grant opportunities, help camps achieve their strategic plans.

JCamp 180 now works with over 115 day and overnight camps. To learn more about the programs and services offered, visit the JCamp 180 website.

“When we reflect on how much we have accomplished over the past year and how much we hope to accomplish in the future, we realize that it is a direct result of our association with JCamp 180.”Jonah Geller, Former Executive Director, Tamarack Camps and current Executive Director of Capital Camps