ener-G-save is an energy efficiency pilot project for the Pioneer Valley using thermal images and community outreach to inspire more homeowners to save energy.

ener-G-save uses newly-developed thermal imaging technology to identify energy leaks quickly and cost effectively to inspire and assist home owners in the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts in reducing energy use.
ener-G-save sees local energy conservation projects as an important lever to help people spend less on utilities, create local jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Essess, a Massachusetts company founded by MIT scientists, is collecting thermal imaging data on 100,000 homes in the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts. In partnership with 10 Pioneer Valley towns, ener-G-save is sending information to 25,000 homeowners whose homes would benefit the most from energy efficiency improvements, including the thermal image of each homeowner’s house.
ener-G-save also helps homeowners access pre-screened contractors and financial incentives through state programs.
To learn more about the program, visit the ener-G-save website.